Randall Road Improvements Study

Welcome to the Randall Road Improvements Study Website. This site has been created to facilitate public input and provide information about the study process and schedule. We invite you to explore the site and provide your comments and recommendations regarding the study through our Get Involved section.

Key Exhibits

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What is the Study about?

The Randall Road Improvements Study is a Phase I Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Study for Randall Road between County Line Road and Ackman Road. The project was initiated by McHenry County in the spring of 2007. The purpose of the project is to identify transportation system improvements that will enhance mobility and local access while addressing safety issues, community values, and environmental impacts with in the study area. The project is needed to improve regional mobility, improve local access/bicycle mobility, enhance local access/local system deficiencies, accommodate community values/land use planning goals and address safety concerns.

McHenry County has retained HDR Engineering, Inc. and their team (including Baxter and Woodman Consulting Engineers, RH Anderson and Associates, Wilbur-Smith Associates, and SCI Engineering) to prepare the Phase I Study that includes the identification of the various needs for the project (safety, traffic, pedestrian, etc.), evaluation of alternatives (based on needs and environmental impacts), and development of the preferred improvements which will be recommended for further study in the second phase of the project, Design. This study will develop a comprehensive solution that addresses the communities’ goals and needs. As funding for the construction of the Randall Road project is limited, additional funding is needed for the Preferred Alternative to be carried forward through design and construction. A Strategic Funding Plan will be developed as part of this study to identify and evaluate potential funding sources for future phases of the project.

In the early 1990s, Randall Road was designated as a Strategic Regional Arterial (SRA). SRAs are a network of highways designed to accommodate long distance regional traffic, to complement a region’s major transit and highway facilities, and to supplement the freeway system. Randall Road is a primary north-south arterial in southern McHenry County that many residents use for Interstate 90 (I-90) access through Kane County since McHenry County does not have direct access to I-90. Over the last five years numerous new developments along the Randall Road corridor have contributed to the congested traffic conditions that motorists are faced with today. McHenry County Division of Transportation recognizes these conditions and is taking steps to address the situation.